Plantma-X is a machine that has been developed by Plantma AB for mechanized plantation of forestry seedlings.

The machine will:

  • in one pass, cultivate the ground, compact it, and plant a seedling.
  • Under perfect conditions the machine can plant over 40 seedlings/minute.
  • Collect and store data of the operation

Development of the machine started 2018 and the first field tests were conducted late 2019. When winter came we took the machine to the work-shop and made some alterations to it, in preparation for the season of 2020. Before we sent it to the forest , in April 2020, we made a capacity test in perfect conditions, flat ground, sandy soil, no rocks and no obstacles. The result shows that under perfect conditions the machine has a capacity of planting 2800 seedlings/hour!

During 2020 the machine was tested by 3 major forest companies in Sweden in a variety of conditions, types of ground, different seedlings etc..

The trials were not only important for us to learn more about the different conditions the machine would work in, but also to put the components of the machine to test for durability, functionality etc.

The Plantma-X proved to be a reliable machine and in the autumn of 2020 the machine planted its millionth seedling.

As we get more and more knowledge of the environments that the machine works in and also the needs of the forestry companies that we work for, we also get more ideas for future development. We are currently looking at:

  • Continuous collection of data from the planting
  • Automation of the handling of the seedling from the carton in the storage and out to planting arm
  • the option to add fertilizer to each seedling as it is planted.
  • the option to add water to each seedling as it is planted