The carrier we are using is a forwarder, an Eco Log 574.

Planting Unit

The heart of the machine is a frame, bolted to the carrier, that we call the planting unit. To this frame the planting arms are attached and inside the frame all the necessary hydraulic valves, air valves and control units are mounted as well as a water tank.


For cultivating the ground we use a disc-scarifier, a MidiFlex. The Midiflex has the advantage that it can be mounted between the front and the rear boggie, and thus the rear boggie will run over to prepared ground and compact, making it ready to plant immediately.

Planting cab

The planting device of the Plantma-X is not (yet?) automated, so feeding plants from the cartons in the seedling storage to the planting arms is done manually.

In specially designed “cups” that take the seedling to the planting arm

The operator in the rear cab is responsible for feeding seedlings to the cups that feed the planting arms and also for the planting quality.

Storage seedlings

Storage for boxes of seedling. Can hold 15-20.000 seedlings, depending on size of seedling.

Crane for the storage

The crane is intended to be used when switching seedling storage on the Plantma X. Naturally, this could be done by the standard crane of the forwarder, but due to Swedish height restrictions on the road, we can not leave the standard crane on the machine and have therefore replaced that crane with a crane for road trucks that folds up within the height limits. In some markets this would be an “overkill”, just use the standard crane.

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