What is the price of this machine?

The final price will be decided by our local partners who will be the ones making the sale and providing service and parts. As an indication, the total investment will be somewhere around 1,100,000 EUR for a complete machine including the Eco Log 574 forwarder it is based on.

What is the productivity?

Productivity varies depending on a number of factors and it’s difficult to give a good answer, the technical capacity is around 3000 seedlings/hour during actual continuous planting, which means that depending on the conditions and methods used it will end up somewhere between 1000-2500 seedlings per hour.
Distance between seedlings, how fast the machine can travel in the terrain while preparing the ground and the size and shape of the area will have an impact on productivity, along with seedling logistics around the machine etc.

What about operating costs?

There is not a lot of data so far, but generally speaking the cost for fuel and spare parts will be similar to a large wheeled harvester.

Can it be fit to other carriers?

At this stage we are using only the Eco Log 574 forwarder as carrier and selling as a complete unit.