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The Plantma team keeps growing
The initial development phase of the Plantma X project is officially over and our focus now is to put more machines to work and continue adaptions to local conditions. Naturally this means more people are needed and we are now putting in place an organizational structure to build for the future.For this reason we are happy to welcome Magnus Sandström onboard as our new CEO for Plantma Forestry!Magnus has a solid background in international sales and service of forestry machinery, and is looking forward to building a strong company to back up the planting machine of the future!
Holmen Skog has signed up for a Plantma X
We are very happy to announce that the first machine delivery in 2022 will be for Holmen Skog!
Holmen has been part of the trials during 2021 and has now also taken the step to invest in a machine and put it to work in the Swedish forests. We are looking forward to the startup and to a good future relationship where we will assist in the development of the logistics around the machine and its operation, to utilize the maximum potential of the Plantma X in Swedish forestry conditions.

US tour continues 

The US tour is still moving forward and we have now planted seedlings in Alabama, Texas and Florida!

More videos are up on YouTube and there is still a lot more to come.
We have been hard at work testing the machine in different conditions and so far the machine has surpassed all expectations and it is obvious to anyone visiting the machine that Plantma X will have a big role to play in the future planting of forests in the US. And not just the containerized Loblolly seedlings we set out to plant at first, but we have also successfully planted containerized Longleaf pine and even more impressively; we have managed to adapt the plant feeding to put down bare root Loblolly seedlings with excellent results! Naturally there is a limit to how big seedlings we can handle, but this limit has been pushed during the last couple of months and after some minor adjustments we are now able to plant the vast majority of the seedlings used in the southeast US.

For more information on this, contact David Crouch at or 1-334-750-3286

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