Finally, after a long time of preparation and transportation, a PlantMax X2 Planting unit is operating in Brazil!
In collaboration with our partners at Timber in Curitiba we have done a successful trial/demo in Pine plantations in Paraná as well as Eucalyptus in Minas Gerais and we are now in Três Lagoas.

The conditions are different from anything we’ve done in the past, but thanks to the versatility and adaptability of the PlantMax concept and the great work of our Product Manager Christer Larsson and the Timber team we have shown that our machine has the potential to be a true game changer in mechanical planting in Brazil. As of now we have already signed a deal with Timber for 3 more units to be delivered during 2023 and we are planning for a lot more for the future. If you want to secure your planting needs in the next couple of years, don’t wait too long.. Give Timber a call today! Jober C. Fonseca (41)99961-0716 Follow Plantma Forestry and Timber on LinkedIn and other social media to get updates on the progress, both from us but also from forestry professionals posting their opinions on our machine after having seen it firsthand.
LinkedIn – Setting a new standard video
Holmen, Sweden
Meanwhile in Sweden, the PlantMax at Holmen Skog has finished its first planting season.
The machine has been operating around Örnsköldsvik in the north of Sweden most of the time but once the snow fell and ground started freezing it has been moved south, just north of Stockholm, where it was operating single shift to evaluate the results of late fall planting and see how much the planting season can be extended. The experience so far has been really good and the one million seedlings they were aiming for this first year have been put in the ground!  The first year has been a year of trying the machine in different conditions, finding good logistics solutions and developing procedures for seedling handling and quality control as well as machine maintenance and site planning.
We at Plantma Forestry have of course been following the machine closely, in field as well as with the live data online, and seen great progress over the course of the season. Next year will be a full season and with all the lessons learned from this year they will know more from the start about how to take advantage of the full potential of the machine. Or in the words of one of the operators, Rickard: “I’ve become more and more convinced that this is the future” Read more about Holmen’s experience in their magazine Skogsliv on the link below (In Swedish) Skogsliv Nr 2 2022 Thanks again Holmen for believing in us and for taking this step to become the first company in the world to own a PlantMax. You are now one step ahead of everyone else! If you want to see the machine in action in the Swedish forest conditions, here’s a video from our YouTube channel  PlantMax X2 Holmen drone footage
New Zealand
At the end of January, the machine to Pan Pac Forest Products in New Zealand was literally wrapped up and ready to go. It will be starting up in April and we look very much forward to unwrapping it on the opposite side of the planet!
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