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Plantma X has crossed the ocean! Plantma X just rolled off the boat in Savannah harbor! It’s been a long journey and the Plantma X is now eager to stretch its legs on American soil. Christer, who just flew in from Sweden, and David will be starting up the US planting in Alabama. They will also be doing training for a team from a local contractor who will be operating the machine going forward. Parts and support will be provided with the help of our friends at SFE, Scandinavian Forestry Equipment (
Serious amounts of seedlings are just about to get planted!
Planting in the US and demos The planting in the US will commence within the next couple of days and will go on throughout the South East planting season, with sites in Alabama, Florida and Texas. Our first showcase days will be near Lafayette, AL on December 16-17.
Times each day will be from 9 am- 3 pm.
The site is being supplied by Backwoods Forestry. Visitors can sign in to receive forester continuing education credit hours and Professional logging management credit hours and endorsed by the Alabama Forestry association. For more information on this, contact David Crouch at or 1-334-750-3286
The team keeps growing The Plantma project started out with just a few people involved and everyone has been doing an amazing job getting the machine to this level. One member of the team who has been instrumental to the development of the Plantma X is Stefan Hedlund at Alftaprodukter/MidiFlex. He has not only programmed the brain of the planter but also done a great job on the hydraulic, electric and pneumatic systems along with the rest of the team. Apart from these duties, Stefan and his colleagues at Alftaprodukter will now also be doing the installation of the upcoming planting units in 2022. To further strengthen the future development, we are happy to welcome Patrik Säterdal onboard! Patrik is an experienced System Developer and for the last 15 years he has been programming forestry machinery software for Log Max and Eco Log. Patrik will be responsible for development of the software controlling the planting unit as well as integrations with other systems.
Future The interest in our Plantma X is growing worldwide and we will be making more machines starting in Q1 2022. We are very happy to say that one of these units will be going to Brazil, in cooperation with our good friends at Timberforest in Curitiba.
More information on this will follow. To stay updated on what we’re doing – Sign up for the newsletter on the website
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