The Plantma team keeps growing

As usual the newsletter starts with an introduction of new team members!
This August our team has grown by 2: Daniel Melin in Purchasing and Logistic and Markus Pettersson as our new Instructor. Daniel will be at our main Office in Borlänge Science Park making sure we have the material we need for the production and after sales of our planting machines while Markus will travel the world starting up machines and training operators and service personnel in the skills it takes to make the most of them. Welcome onboard guys!

Pan Pac Forest Products New Zealand has signed up for a PlantMax!

The interest in our PlantMax planting machine is growing all over the world and we are happy to announce that we have an agreement in place for a machine to be delivered to Pan Pac Forest Products New Zealand by the end of Q1 2023!

“Given the need for forestry to be able to adapt and investigate new technology and with the proven success of this high efficiency planter in Sweden, US and Canada, Pan Pac is excited to partner and test the Plantma X2 into the NZ forestry environment.” Says Sean Wright, Forestry Manager at Pan Pac Forest Products.

”Even though Sweden and New Zealand are on opposite sides of the planet, the challenges faced in regeneration of forests are very much similar, and we are happy and proud to have a solution that easily adapts to the local needs and can plant a wide variety of seedlings in a wide range of conditions” – Magnus Sandström, CEO of Plantma Forestry

2022 Southern and Northeastern Forest Nursery Association Joint Meeting

We got the pleasure to participate and present our planting machine “PlantMax X2” at the Southern and Northeastern Forest Nursery Association conference in July, which was held in Charleston, SC. It was a very well-organized conference and we learned new and interesting things about the nursery business. We met both familiar and new faces and they all showed a lot of interest in our product. Our Product Manager Christer Larsson gave a well visited presentation and even when we had a thunderstorm shutting down all power at the conference center he carried on in the dark!

The US tour has become a tour of North America as the machine has moved on to Canada

After a very successful run throughout the planting season of the southeast US, from the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in Alabama, to the Piney woods of Texas, to the Gulf Coast of Florida, we have spent late spring and summer in the Great forest of New Brunswick Canada.

With great support from our local partners at Log Max Forestry in Moncton, JD Irving has put the machine to the test in various conditions. Just like in the US there are constantly new challenges and new seedlings, but thanks to the versatility and flexibility of the machine we have yet to come across anything unplantable! No matter where we go – just give us a moment to get to know the ground and fine tune for the challenges at hand and the seedlings will be placed firmly but gently in the ground for a good start of a long journey upwards to the sky. Naturally this procedure is more time consuming the first time we come across new conditions. As the learnings from each new terrain are well documented, the next time we are in similar conditions the fine tuning will be done at the touch of a few buttons.

The machine will keep planting in Canada for some time before returning to the US as the new planting season takes off.

For more information on this, contact David Crouch at or 1-334-750-3286

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