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2023 half year summary

2023 has been a very interesting and good year for Plantma Forestry!

Our machine is being recognized as the most effective reforestation machine available and we have now performed successful trials in many countries and reached a status of technically approved product in several different applications!

This spring has been a challenge in many parts of the forestry industry and the markets where we are present with cyclones, wildfires and drought combined with heavy rains and flooding and we hope that you are all OK.

For our machines it has meant that some projects, like in New Zealand, has been postponed until just recently when Markus arrived to help start things up.

Other machines have had to stop during day time and run at night to mitigate risk of fires. Thanks to the flexibility of the machine, gps navigation support and strong worklights, production has still been going on even during these limitations, in both Sweden and Canada.

We wish you all a good summer and if you’re going to Expoforest in Brazil Aug 9-11th , we will be there together with our partners Timber, stop by and check out their PlantMax X2 operating every day of the show.
More information on this available from Timber

Here are some information from the markets, more exciting news will follow later in the year!


All of 2023, Timber has been on tour with their first PlantMax X2 doing demos with many of the major companies and in collaboration with IPEF. We have been covering vast geogrophical distances and made adjustments to meet the requirements of different companies with different species and conditions. As of today we have succesfully planted seedlings of both pine and eucalyptus according to the requirements as well as with documented high efficiency and quality.

Our own MidiFlex scarifier has been used in new ways and both hardware and software has had updates to adapt to the needs of the market. We are currently working on adding more (retrofittable) features to the machine to be able to do even more tasks in the same run, like subsoiling and fertilizing.

A full report on the demo tour and our progress will follow later in the year, but we can already tell you that the PlantMax has the potential of becoming a real game changer for Brazilian forestry!

Holmen, Sweden

For a while now, it has been obvious to Holmen that for many reasons they need and want to mechanize a big portion of the reforestation they are due to perform in the future. PlantMax can deliver everything that is needed for this, and it already provides additional values that adds to the business case to make it on par with conventional methods.

According to Holmens own evaluation of planting quality, where they look at planting spot, depth and straightness immediately after planting, PlantMax has the same level of quality as manual planters: 96%

The machine also shows a good stability in terms of coverage, reaching 97% of the planned seedlings per hectar.

For these reasons, Holmen has formed a dedicated project group to work on the different aspects of mechanization, from logistics to site planning and criterias for choosing the most suitable sites etc. They expect to get good production from the machine this year and lay the ground for putting more machines to work in the coming years.


During the fall of 2022 we did a highly appreciated second run with JD Irving, planting 345,997 seedlings in just 3 weeks. As a next step they have now rented the Plantma X, our firstborn – owned by our US dealer Scandinavian Forestry Equipment (SFE), for a production run with their own operators.

After a bit of startup assisted by our Product Manager Christer Larsson where the group made some changes to the MidiFlex scarifier to be able to handle more of the sometimes very heavy slash load, and moved the machine around to find out where the limit is.

Plantma X can handle very heavy loads of slash, but there is a limit where the quality of planting is affected. This means that there are areas that are more suitable for the machine but at the same time you can always do areas within sites that may not be the perfect fit for the machine where it still makes sense to cover the whole site and accept potentially lower quality planting in certain parts of the site based on a cost/benefit analysis for the planting program in total.

Following the startup session with Christer, the machine has been run by JD Irving and supported by our friends at Log Max Forestry in Moncton. As of now they have planted more than the 500,000 seedlings they had planned for, and we are currently in discussions about prolonging the rental period for the remainder of the planting season.

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