Our company name is Plantma Forestry AB.
The planting unit is named PlantMax. The PlantMax includes Planting arms, Planting cab, Seedling storage with crane, Midiflex Scarifier (optional) as well as control systems, hydraulic and pneumatic valves to operate the planting arms. The PlantMax is to be mounted on a carrier and for our prototype, which we call the Plantma-X, we chose to use an Eco Log 574.
So, the Plantma-X is a complete machine, based on a EL 574, while the PlantMax is only the actual Planting unit.


Our basic strategy with this project has been: Total focus on the functionality of the machine! When the prototype, the Plantma-X, which has been under development since 2019, meets our own, as well as the customer´s, expectations then it is time to go to the market. Today we all feel that we have achieved this step, the Plantma-X  has proven that it has the capacity to be a profitable alternative to manual planting of containerized as well as bare root seedlings.

Our focus now is to update all necessary drawings and start the manufacturing. Even at this stage we must be slow in growth, every delivered machine will need skilled operators and since this is a totally new concept such operators will not be easy to find. At Plantma AB we need a team of good trainers with experience of the Plantma-X and those trainers will need to build up the team of each new machine that we deliver to customers. Therefore the goal for 2022 is to sell 4 units only for delivery this year. From a Sales perspective this goal is already reached, and two units are to be delivered to customers before July and the other two will be delivered later in the year.

We know that there are many requests for other carriers than the eco Log 574, but mounting the PlantMax on different brands of carriers is not an easy task! It requires many hours from our engineers as well as a close cooperation with the manufacturer of the carrier in order to get an optimal performance of the complete machine. Therefore we have decided to focus on building the complete machines with Eco Log 574 as carriers of the PlantMax. When the design department feels that they have enough time to spend on looking at a new brand of carrier they will do so but only one new brand/year. When the new brand has been used for one year and the results are satisfactory and the cooperation with the manufacturer of the carrier has been fruitful then we will approve this brand to be fitted with a PlantMax.

So, for the coming year only the Eco Log 574 is available as a carrier of the PlantMax.

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