The companies and people involved in the development of the Plantma X have hundreds of years of experience combined in the development, manufacturing, sales and service of forestry machinery.

Founders Stig Linderholm and Hans Arvidsson have been working together developing equipment for forestry since the 1980’s. Throughout the years the core business have been to make reliable and servicefriendly heavy duty equipment for forestry professionals all over the planet. Besides the Log Max harvesting heads, Eco Log harvesters and forwarders as well as numerous other projects related to forestry and construction equipment, the dynamic duo were also involved in the later versions of the Silva Nova planter in the late 1990’s.

In 2019, after discussing the Silva Nova concept with Svenska Skogsplantor (a regeneration division of the state forest company Sveaskog) it was obvious to Stig and Hans that the need for an efficient planting machine was bigger than ever. Since the 90’s ideas about improvements has been growing in both Hans and Stig. Hans has since also teamed up with his son Tobias Arvidsson and together the three of them made a decision to turn the new ideas into reality. They formed a small but highly dedicated group of individuals, experienced enough to understand the challenge at hand and crazy enough to go for it.

The Plantma team is made up of the following companies.

Grangärde Konsult och Innovation
ATEK Arvidsson Teknik
Grangärde Maskin

The Plantma team is growing and we will add personal contact information shortly, for now you are always welcome to contact the team through or the contact form on the website

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